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Below you'll find a list of different music tracks we offer - everything from upbeat electronic music to classical - to perfectly match your listing.
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    First Dawn

    Flowing and emotional, featuring pianos and strings that create a heartfelt, hopeful mood.

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    Sweet and playful, featuring flowing piano and strings creating a tender and loving mood.

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    Blue Blood

    Laidback with a mellow underground hip-hop feel, featuring flowing piano, synthesizer and vocal samples that create a confident, chill mood.

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    Let Go

    Flowing and warm, featuring pulsing textures and a bouncy Chill Out groove that creates a positive mood.

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    Show Light

    Warm and groovy, featuring smooth synth textures and a laidback Tropical House groove that creates a feel-good mood.

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    Gentle and flowing, featuring dreamy piano and a downtempo groove that creates a chill mood.

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“You guys did an absolutely amazing job. We look forward to working with for a long time. Great work - you guys are amazing!”

steven Presson

“The video is great - the house never looked so good! I wanted to schedule a showing after watching it. ;-)”

Emily Morrisey